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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures/Safety Reminders

Hello Cheetah Families,

Students will be dropped off at the front gate or at the traffic circle and will be lining up on the playground to be picked up by the teacher. Our campus is a closed campus and parents and guardians are not allowed on campus unless they are cleared school volunteers. Gates will open at 7:35 am and will be closed at 7:45 am. Students arriving after 7:45 am will need to go through the office to pick up a tardy slip.


Breakfast will be served from 7:15 am-7:35 am in the cafeteria area. Gates will be open at 7:10 am to allow students having breakfast to come onto campus and gates will be closed shortly after until campus is open again at 7:35 am. Students will be directed to head to the playground when they are done at 7:35 am. This is a new process for us and we will be making any adjustments necessary to make this process the best situation for our students.

Traffic Circle

To drop off your student/s please make sure and pull all the way forward in the traffic circle. This is very important to keep traffic from backing up on the street. If you are getting out of the car to drop off your child to get them out of a car seat or to assist them out of the car please park on the street. DO NOT get out of your vehicle in the traffic circle at arrival. It is also very important that you release your child from the passenger side of the vehicle and not on the driver’s side into the passing lane. Please make sure and arrange your child’s car seat to accommodate this safety measure.

Dismissal - Please see the map.

All teachers will line up students on the grassy hill between Twin Peaks Middle School and TBES to be picked up. Please give yourself plenty of time to pick up your student/s and please be patient. Dismissal can run from 10-15 minutes. The process for dismissal is the same as arrival. Please drive all the way forward to the end of the traffic circle. Please try and come as close to dismissal as possible. You will need to park if you are on the street to not hold up traffic on the street. This will prompt law enforcement to come to our campus and they may ticket drivers.
We appreciate your support and cooperation with these procedures. 

Thanks for your cooperation! Remember -- Courtesy is Contagious!