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 Tierra Bonita Staff Directory

To reach voice mail boxes, dial the main school number, 858-748-8540, then enter the 4 digit extension when prompted.
Staff Member Title Ext Email
Andrews, Anna  IA  
Al-Refai, Rasha Office Asst/PM 2152
Balagot, Rachelle IA PreK 2029 [email protected] 
Beffert, Angie  3rd Grade  2011  [email protected] 
Bennett, Kathy 4th Grade 2021 
Burg, Jenn  PE (M, W) Site Sub (T, TH, F)  2003  [email protected] 
Carter, Norma  4th Grade  2022  [email protected] 
Campbell, Anne  2nd Grade  2006  [email protected] 
Carpenter, Karisten  IA PreK  2029  [email protected] 
Centeno, Ethelaine  O.T.  2119  [email protected] 
Chhabra, Renuka  IA PreK  2029  [email protected] 
Clark, David  Night Custodian  2050  [email protected] 
Clark, Jescina  ESS Supervisor  2160  [email protected] 
Cottrell, Kami  5th Grade  2024  [email protected] 
Dale, Sarah  Psychologist (M,T)  2058  [email protected] 
Davis, Alisa  Office Asst/AM  2156  [email protected] 
Dutcher, Margaret  5th Grade    [email protected]  
Engblom, Molly  Counselor  2015  [email protected] 
Fink, Sheila  PreK Teacher   2029  [email protected] 
Finnerty, Anna  Ed. Specialist  2013  [email protected] 
Flores, Gil  Character Coach    [email protected] 
Fradue-Kopacz, Jatiana  Health Tech  2157  [email protected] 
Froebe, Chris  Kindergarten  2001  [email protected] 
Fujii, Chie  Japanese  2014   
Glynn, Dena  3rd Grade  2017  [email protected] 
Gonzalez, Amber  Food Service  2062  [email protected] 
Hafer, Dot  TK  2016  [email protected] 
Hanson, Beatriz  Food Service  2062  [email protected] 
Harryman, Jill  3rd Grade  2012  [email protected] 
Holmes, Wendy  IA  2017  [email protected] 
Jewell, Charles  Lead Custodian  2050  [email protected] 
Johnson, Anita  IA    [email protected] 
Kapahi, Chanthara (Ms. Laila)  Student Support Asst.  2015  [email protected] 
Kellhofer, Cheri  Admin. Asst.  2150  [email protected] 
Kihara, Miki  Japanese  2014   
Kruglova, Irina  Character Coach    [email protected] 
Lynch, Jill  Impact/Site Sub (M, W)  2003   
Luna, Tara  IA PreK  2029   [email protected] 
Manickam, Kumutha  IA    [email protected] 
McBain, Amber  1st Grade  2004  [email protected] 
Muscat, Elizabeth  LMT  2056  [email protected] 
Nazareno, Norberto  Night Custodian  2050  [email protected] 
Nafes, Fay  ELL IA  2014   [email protected] 
Nijhowne, Tara  BAND    [email protected] 
Ramirez, Whitney  2nd Grade  2009  [email protected] 
Roth, Tracy  5th Grade  2020  [email protected] 
Rudge, Misa  Character Coach    [email protected] 
Simpson, Kate  Speech  2064  [email protected] 
Stowe, Kristin  Kindergarten  2002  [email protected] 
Taylor, Scott  IA  2013  [email protected] 
Tuana, Alex  1st Grade  2005  [email protected]  
Ulrich, Joy  Character Coach    [email protected] 
Vang, Meng Adapted PE   [email protected]
Villalovos, Elizabeth (Liz)  Psychologist (W)  2058  [email protected]
Ward, Michele  Principal  2158  [email protected] 
Young, Chelsey  2nd Grade  2010  [email protected] 
Young, Julie  IA  2011  [email protected]