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Visitation Policy


In order to ensure campus security and protection to students, strict enforcement of the campus policy regarding the presence of non-students on campus is enforced.

  1.  All visitors, if allowed, must sign in with our front office and a visitor’s badge must be worn while on campus at all times.
  2. Students are not allowed to bring visitors to school.
  3. The presence of any non-student on campus during regular school hours is subject to arrest under the Penal Code, State of California, Section 626.8:
  4. Only students registered and attending Tierra Bonita may be on campus during school hours. Students, who have been assigned to Home Suspension and their presence on campus makes them subject to Penal Code Section 626.8, may not attend any school sponsored event during the time of suspension.
  5. Parents and guardians wishing to see a student during regular hours must check into the office of the Area Administrator. Interruption of classes is not permitted.
  6. Parents entering to see and/or sign a student out of class must be prepared to present proper identification. Students may not be released to any person other than the parent/guardian without the parent/guardian's authorization.